Harry Potter

QOTD: Do you separate the art from the artist?


Just like the several 90’s kids, I was hooked to reading with Harry Potter. In the past years, we witnessed the person behind the pen, J.K.Rowling. I was taken aback like all her fans. Never expected her to spread hatred like she did.

I wanted to re- read Harry Potter from an adult perspective. After much deliberation, I decided to read it again. As a writer, I admire her imagination but as a person I am appalled at her views.

This will be an interesting journey, to read and form a new understanding of the characters different from my childhood. So, yes, I separate the art from the artist.

In the post-theory world, an author and the author’s personality is far removed from the story.

How many times have you read the series? Has it changed your attitude towards the book? Let me know in the comments.