A Brief History of Medicine by Paul Strathern

The History of Medicine

Medicine has undergone tremendous changes since it’s inception. It’s past is steeped in superstition and emerged from the murky depths.
Medicine was a limb of philosophy. Before the advent of scientific thinking and the renaissance, diseases were considered a result of sin. Some men with a scientific temper in its rudimentary form sought to seek out the truth behind the human body.

This non-fiction traces the history of medicine from the beginning to the advent of gene therapy. We travel through the labs of many great men of medicine and witness the invention of vaccines, microbes and organs.
It is saddening to see the dearth of women in this field. We get a glimpse of Florence Nightingale and a few others but not more.

Very elaborate yet simple writing, this book is layman-friendly. You learn much about the interesting facts about your body. A big salute to those giants of science who worked in the days when the equipment was a myth. Ingenious thinking, observation and trial by error led to the medicine we observe now.

We get an idea about pharmacological revolutions that erased many deadly diseases and controlled many.
Since it is a very niche topic, you might need a bit of time to complete this one. But trust me, it is worth the effort.

Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty

I love the book for the message it gives. Poppy and Annalise are best friends and colleagues. They bond because they don’t want to have kids. Their life, like that of so many other women, is very difficult because of the constant judgements.

They create a Facebook page called NOP for non-mothers. They vent out their frustration about the special treatment mothers get in offices and everywhere, unaware of their struggles. Things take an ugly turn and it leads to a war between mothers and non-mothers.

This story talks from the perspective of every woman. It is not one-sided and caters to women of all interests. An easy and interesting read.

The story takes an unexpected turn somewhere in the middle and leaves you satisfied like a home-cooked meal!