A Brief History of Medicine by Paul Strathern

The History of Medicine Medicine has undergone tremendous changes since it’s inception. It’s past is steeped in superstition and emerged from the murky depths.Medicine was a limb of philosophy. Before the advent of scientific thinking and the renaissance, diseases were considered a result of sin. Some men with a scientific temper in its rudimentary form… Continue reading A Brief History of Medicine by Paul Strathern

Harry Potter

QOTD: Do you separate the art from the artist? Just like the several 90’s kids, I was hooked to reading with Harry Potter. In the past years, we witnessed the person behind the pen, J.K.Rowling. I was taken aback like all her fans. Never expected her to spread hatred like she did. I wanted to… Continue reading Harry Potter

The Bookworm

Hey! The Readotomy Of A Bookworm presents to you spoiler-free book reviews. I am Sanjana Varma, a paperback girl who sometimes flirts with Kindle. You will often find me lost in the world of words. I love writing as much as I love reading. I hope to introduce you to good books one post at… Continue reading The Bookworm

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